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Tetralingual edition of the Odes of Tanoscius


PictureAn unique musicological event represents the new edition of the Latin Odes of George Tranoscius prepared by Leszek Kalina and Zbigniew Siwek.

Hymnbook Odarum sarcrarum sive hymnorum... libri tres was originally printed in Brieg in 1629. It contains a total of twenty tunes (genera) and 150 songs (odes); each song can be used for many of the odes.  Now the songs are available for contemporal choruses.

Texts include biography of Tranoscius and musicological analysis. The book is in Czech, Polish, German and English languages.

You can hear the beginning of the first Ode by Tranoscius as interpreted by choir Collegium Iuvenum:



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How to purchase

(Daniel Spratek, 2010-02-14 10:10)

International customers please contact me on e-mail daniel(dot)spratek(at)email(dot)cz. Your order will be carried out individully.

How can it be purchased?

(Daniel Ottmers, 2010-02-14 07:02)

I was wondering how the Tetralingual edition of the Odes of Tanoscius could be purchased.
Daniel Ottmers


(Daniel Spratek, 2009-05-22 20:59)

The book was published by Publishing house Infiniti art for Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession. Please contact me or directly the church. (For e-mail adresses see "Contact".)

Odes of Tanoscius

(William Erat, 2009-05-22 20:37)

Who is the publisher and can this be purchased on line?